In order to guarantee high-quality translations, I work exclusively in two specialist areas.

Legal translation

Over the years, I have particularly concentrated on legal translation and two particular areas of law:

  • commercial law: my work to date includes a wide range of contracts (subcontracting agreements, assignment of copyright agreements, partnership agreements, etc.) and related legal or official documents (company policies, provisions for implementation, correspondence, etc.)
  • international law: I regularly translate court records, appendices, correspondence, transcripts, resolutions, legal opinions and other confidential documents, through collaborations with several international courts and tribunals, as well as international and intergovernmental organizations which work specifically in the international law sector.

In order to further my knowledge of the legal field, I regularly complete online and offline courses and attend conferences, and I subscribe to a number of specialist publications.

Marketing and editorial translation

So what is “marketing and editorial translation”? Generally speaking, this field requires non-technical translations, for which style and purpose are vital in order to:

  • sell a product orservice (marketing);
  • shape or distribute knowledge and information (education and promotion); or
  • defend an opinion or call on a target audience to act (advocacy)

In this field, I provide translations for two main types of end client:

  • companies selling products or services to professionals or individuals (e.g. consumer goods and tourist services), for whom I translate press releases, website content, guides, company presentations and annual reports; and
  • international or non-governmental organisations, for whom I translate progress reports, training materials, press releases and documents for donors.